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equibuddy® is available immediately for Apple iPhone and for any android prone from Samsung, Google and others. We will be adding web and tablet versions later this year.
Scan and upload copies of your horse's passport, life hight certificate, competition results, vaccinations and many others. At your fingertips everywhere, always.
Have all your records, documents, photos and dates to hand no matter where, on-line and off-line.
Add Vets, Farriers, Trainers and your social buddies to each horse in your stable so that everyone remains in the loop.
Add records to the management channel for health and development. Post to the social channel to store photos of the special moments and share with buddies.
Take photos direct to your horse's records. Upload and share video of progress.
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Easy Records for Horse People
Synchronize Your Horse’s Life
With professionals (vet, farrier etc) and social buddies.
Equine data management
Your device, the vet’s practice, the stable hands …
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Carl Hester
Olympic Gold Medalist

An inspirational and ground breaking app.


After years of owning and working with horses I have come across so many issues between owner and horse that have been resolved through my plan, do and review management system.  These issues have spanned the entire gamut of horse care from managing fear that is inexplicable to dealing with a horse’s refusal to participate in an event to being unable to connect as horse owner and horse.  Equibuddy  is here to give every horse an identity, from a passport to a clear history with all the events in its life clearly documented and communication shared between the community that cares for the him/her. Equibuddy makes all of this easy to achieve.  I want every owner to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are doing the best for your horse, making your horse the best it can be and achieving all of this in a supportive community.

Jo Paul - Face

As a Chartered Physiotherapist and BHSAI, I have worked with horses for over 40 years including time as a physiotherapist at the World Horse Welfare UK Rescue and different Rehoming Farms. I’ve seen many cases of neglect, abuse and helped so many owners who were struggling to understand their horse’s needs that like Jenny, I want to share the knowledge and experience I have.  Just using the wrong size of saddle can cause problems for a horse in the long term.  There are so many different aspects to a horse’s welfare and Equibuddy will help educate owners and improve the welfare of horses around the world.  I hope it enables owners to support, develop and care for their horse the way I know they want to.

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