Equibuddy offers horse owners a mobile app to create an irrefutable identity for their horse and a place keep all the admin and updates that matter in their horse’s life.

A horse is a great investment. You invest time, money and love in your horse(s) and want to know that he or she is being managed to the best of everyone’s ability whether you are present or not.

We have accumulated so much knowledge around a horse, how they learn, how they move, how to understand and connect with them.  We are eager to share this knowledge with the horse community online to reach the biggest audience.

Our mobile application is the place to apply what you learn.   Or to store your own updates among your horse’s team.  It is impossible to remember every detail in your horse’s life, so log it on the app, review when you need to and share how you make the best of your horse.


To build a global equestrian community and to share the knowledge we have acquired over a combined 5 decades!  If we can improve horse welfare this way, allowing you to document and review your horse in your own way, we will have achieved our goal.

Every horse that has a detailed history created with stable management, specific behavioural traits and abilities will be a success. We hope owners and riders will log equipment sizes for future reference, the feeding regimes that suits their horse, any allergies and how to deal with any quirks or fears safely.

These are just a few of the basic elements of caring for a horse, but so important to have reported on their behalf when they move around or are sold on.  The more detail you capture the more secure your horse’s welfare becomes..

  • Improve horse welfare
  • Reduce the time it takes to manage care for your horse
  • Help horse owners enjoy their horse
  • Facilitate learning
  • Create better care records
  • Ensure you have a passport at your fingertips
  • Organise photos direct to the horse
  • Enable effective communication
roly owers
Roly Owers
World Horse Welfare Charity

Keeping a record of different aspects of your horse’s care and management can play a key role in safeguarding their welfare, whether you are a four star eventer or happy hacker. Any tool which can facilitate this for responsible owners/responsible ownership is to be welcomed and equibuddy® offers a convenient solution which helps keep everything in one, easily accessible place.

Carl Hester
Olympic Gold Medalist

An inspirational and ground breaking app.


I have come across so many issues between owner and horse that have been resolved through my plan, do and review management system.  These issues have spanned the entire gamut of horse care from managing fear that is inexplicable to dealing with a horse’s refusal to participate in an event to being unable to connect as horse owner and horse.  equibuddy®  is here to give every horse an identity, from a passport to a clear history with all the events in its life clearly documented and communication shared between the community that cares for the him/her. 

Jo Paul - Face

As a Chartered Physiotherapist and BHSAI, I have worked with horses for over 40 years including time as a physiotherapist at the World Horse Welfare UK Rescue and different Rehoming Farms. I’ve seen many cases of neglect, abuse and helped so many owners who were struggling to understand their horse’s needs that like Jenny, I want to share the knowledge and experience I have.  Just using the wrong size of saddle can cause problems for a horse in the long term.  There are so many different aspects to a horse’s welfare and equibuddy® will help educate owners and improve the welfare of horses around the world. 

Our core values

At equibuddy we aim to take the work out of paperwork. With technology giving us more ways to manage the folders upon folders of work, accessing a document or aligning a document to a horse that you own has never been easier.

Brilliant Apps
Our team of developer and app specialists have worked hard to make the equibuddy app beautiful and powerful.

Above all, we have made it simple to use.
About The Horse
There is no longer a need to scroll through email with the VET or search through family photos for something you need to show the Farrier - Every post and every photo goes direct to the horse.
Champion Communities
Only you decide the people you specifically invite to view and contribute to the management information about your horse

Vets, Farriers, Riders and Carers.

Our team has grown from the founders Jenny and Jo to a dynamic group of people with in the UK and elsewhere concentrating on delivering even more features to the app users whilst also developing our CoreUI that provides membership systems to clubs and practice management for vets and other professionals.

We are based in the UK and have people working for us in Australia, Canada, Spain and the USA.

We have users from all over the world.

Jenny Leggate

After years of owning and working with horses I have come across so many issues between owner and horse that have been resolved through a plan. I know this as the “do and review management system”.

I have seen issues that have spanned the entire gamut of horse care from managing fear that is inexplicable, dealing with a horse’s refusal to participate in an event and being unable to connect as horse owner and horse.

Equibuddy  is here to give every horse an identity.  Begin with storage of a passport document and progress to build a clear history with all the events in a horse’s life clearly shared between the community of people that provide care.

Equibuddy makes all of this easy to achieve.  I want every owner to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are doing the best for your horse, making your horse the best it can be and achieving all of this in a supportive community.

DSC01025 (3)
Jo Paul

Jo is a a Chartered Physiotherapist working with horses and riders of all levels from hairy ponies with Pony Club riders to international athletes. Jo gained a wealth of experience in managing re-habilitation cases after injury and optimising horse/rider partnerships and performance at all levels in most disciplines.

As consultant Equine Physiotherapist for World Horse Welfare Jo has seen way too many neglect cases in both in the UK and abroad.  Many cases where the suffering of the horse was wholly unintentional arising from a lack of understanding by the owner, or lack of communication between the professionals working with the horse.

Jo became a founding member of equibuddy to improve horse welfare, facilitate learning and enable communication between the many professionals and enthusiasts who she knows all care passionately about doing the best from the horses.

Graeme Bryce

A CTO and consultant with 20 years leadership experience in business across software, finance, media, legal, and global corporate sectors. Graeme initially advised equibuddy from a distance and became a member of the team in 2017 to deliver the current application and take the business to a new level.

Graeme achieves results through innovative and sometimes unconventional approaches to decision-making, leadership and team development and he continually seek to improve technology and process, develop individuals and differentiate a business or product from its competitors.

The equibuddy app and the associated central systems lay the foundation for some great products and there is so much more in the pipeline.

Stuart O'Hare
Senior Mobile Developer

Stuart is a developer with over 15 years experience. He has worked on applications from corporate business to education building interfaces and data systems used by senior managers, field engineers and kids.

Stuart has been leading Javascript and mobile development projects for more than 5 years and joined equibuddy early in 2017 to champion the current mobile application.

Like Graeme and the other developers, it has been a long and interesting learning experience to know what horse owners and cares require and to build an app that works as well off-line in a remote field as it does on-line on the desktop in a veterinary practice

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