Confidence through Connecting

As you unlock the box and guide your new horse down the steps a million thoughts and emotions can run through your mind:
2 girls waiting their turn to ride horse

s you unlock the box and guide your new horse down the steps a million thoughts and emotions can run through your mind: was the journey ok, is he nervous about the new surroundings, will he like my stable, his new tack, when does he need fed and when can I ride him?The excitement that flows from buying a new horse is one of the most wonderful feelings I’ve ever experienced and with over 40 years’ immersed in the equine world I know I’m not alone.

I’ve worked with owners who are dazzled by their first pony, yard owners who have a troublesome addition to their family and serious competitors aiming for Gold at elite events. They all share that same nervous excitement / anticipation of how well they will connect with a new horse.

Having worked with and owned horses since the age of 10, it was only after moving to the Borders in the 1980’s and being lucky enough to work with my local RDA group (an association that has added much joy to my life), that I began to realise how important it is for a rider and their horse to connect, and how important confidence is to connecting.

I was very confident that my plan, do and review process was proving itself time and time again (with horses from all walks of life) and that my knowledge and skills were being put to good use by different owners as they struggled to make the best of their horses and connect with them.


hrough the RDA I was able to build empirical evidence that my training programmes produced systematically good outcomes and now I want to share this system.  I want to offer horse owners and their horses a way of develop their skills, confidence and connection. The system can boost all of these through its inbuilt tools which gives you best in class horse management plans.

perfect halt

It also provides essential support as required and enables them to chart their horse’s progress using standardised assessments that can be recorded with all achievements shared within your horse’s community.  It’s an incredibly comprehensive system that covers all of the elements required to manage your horse with confidence and improve the connection between you both.

Not only does it enable you to make the best of your horse but you can share his / her achievement with the world. Well, maybe not the entire world but with everyone within your horse’s community. This aspect of boasting about your horse’s achievements is great fun, in fact it’s such an integral part of Equibuddy – so much so that we took the acronym B.O.A.S.T. one step further and refer to the mobile app as the “Best Online Assessment and Support Toolkit” out there for the horse community!

We are confident this system is going to improve the way owners and horses interact and give owners the confidence to know that they are doing the right thing for their horse and that they’re doing it right!