Filming Fun!

First day of filming – lots of new resources being created (watch this space)


equibuddy® is all about transforming the welfare of horses and horse ownership. Today we started filming our first set of resources for the website. These resources are not aimed at any particular genre of horse riding, they are all about the horse, just as our app is.

The skills and experience Jo has built up over the last 30 years are unique and her knowledge is proprietary. Bookmark the site, learn from one of the leading experts on how horses move, what can stop them from achieving their potential and how you can help make the best of them.

The information shared here has previously only been used by Jo with her private clients.  The internet and the equibuddy® app enable you to learn, apply and review this for the first time at home with your own horse.

We hope you enjoy and will depend on your feedback to guide how we structure the next set of resources produced.  So please, use the comment section below to talk to us.

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