Managing a chronic condition digitally: Sweetitch

Jazz has sweetich that is thought to be an allergic reaction to bug bites in the better weather, luckily we live in the hills and so the bugs are not as prevalent . In the winter this is not a problem and he lives out with no rug and no problem. However in the summer the problem has to be managed by a fly rug and various fly sprays, creams and potions. 

As this is a chronic lifelong condition I want to make sure it is not getting worse and that I remember year on year what management worked the best and that if Jazz was to be passed onto the care of someone else ,they would know how to best care for him and keep this horrible condition under control.

Keeping track of his management and how much he scratches and what releaved the itch is easy with the app by spending seconds to take regular pictures that are dated you can track the progress and have it handy to remind you and care for him in future years.

However chronic conditions require long term management and the problem with the Scottish weather is sometimes in the summer it can be wet and windy one minute and brilliant sunshine with bugs the next. So if I leave his rug on in the morning and it rains heavily he gets cold and miserable like someone standing in wet pyjamas by the time I get home from work and conversly, if when I leave in the morning the weather is wet and I leave the rug off invaribly the weather brightens by the time I get home and the bugs are out ready to munch on Jazz..

So I have employed the help of my non-horsey family as there is usually someone at home. I dont often have to ask for their help but when I do it is often difficult for them to work out what rug and how it fits.

So how can equibuddy app help?: I have taken photographs of the way the rug goes on and where it is stored, I have made sure everyone in the family has the equibuddy app installed on their phone (which is free as they are not adding horses), added both sons and husband to Jazz’s community and pressed the yellow star to favorite Jazz’s Sweetitch log on all of their account.

They all know if it is warm and buggy Jazz needs his rug on and if they have forgotten they just need to look at the instruction on the sweetitch log entry to fit his rug. Furthermore if I see the weather change when I am away I can just add a ‘Is Jazz’s rug on post’ which will send the whole family a notification on their phone for whoever is at home to take action.

Peace of mind for me and better care for a semi retired pony in the field.