Peace of Mind for Horse Owners

There is so much enjoyment to be had in owning a horse and Equibuddy aims to tap into this through its communication toolkit
horse listening to instructions

There are so many ways to learn about horse management today; books, magazines, local classes and the internet to name a few. However, if this is your first horse or you are new to the world of horses, this maze of information can be hard to classify. How do you know if what you are reading is the best information or if it’s just a crazy means to an end!

Jo Paul, one of our founders, came across a video on the internet ‘explaining’ how to get your horse to lift its hoof for inspection / the Farrier. Horrified at the advice on offer and describing it as cruel, Jo began investigating other equine educative facilities online and concluded that there is a spectrum of advice on offer that varies from the sublime to the ridiculous with good, well intended information often lost in the middle.

One of the main issues seems to be the lack of Standards and the relatively few Guidelines on offer to help horse owners develop their horses in a progressive manner.  Equibuddy aims to challenge this.  Using their 7 decades of combined experience, Jo & Jenny have created Equibuddy to focus on your horse, giving it a voice and an identity. However, it will empower you as an owner by offering you support to develop your horse to its full potential – however you define that potential.  This toolkit recognises the need to plan, do and review to make the best of any horse.

At its core is accurate communication. Every horse has its own profile detailing its lineage, its passport, describing its features and statistics so that it can be identified easily as and when required. This focus on your horse means that you can attached the people in its community, e.g., Vet, Farrier, Groom and Riders as necessary.  After all the people in a horse’s community change over time, even owners, but the horse needs to be consistently at the centre of its own story.

2 horses grazing in a field peacefullyThe toolkit is a mobile application so that you can access to this information wherever and whenever you need it.  As an Owner, you understand your horse better than anyone else, but when you aren’t there to represent him/her, you want to know what is happening to them. Equibuddy gives you that peace of mind, the satisfaction of knowing that your horse is representing itself and that the standards of welfare you expect are being delivered even in your absense – after all we all need a holiday, get ill or have to travel at times.

With the recent media attention on the Harris v’s Miller case (Ashleigh Harris was awarded £3m in compensation after breaking her back falling from her boyfriend’s Mother’s horse), understanding more about a horse you have just bought is yet another challenge Equibuddy aims to support.  It can be an expensive gamble taking the word of someone selling their horse that this is the horse to help you meet your goals. This is where Equibuddy’s documentation comes into its own as it explains the history of the horse up until the point of sale.

There is so much enjoyment to be had in owning a horse and Equibuddy aims to tap into this through its communication toolkit. Whether you’re new to the equestrian world or an established owner with your own livery, this mobile application offers a peace of mind we’d never experienced before implementing it with our own horses.