Reduced admin, Increased Efficiency


We’re always striving to find greater efficiency in our lives. A constant struggle to keep everything in our days up-to-date and on track. It’s no surprise then that as horse owners and members of the equestrian community, managing a horse and what comes with it brings many aspects that take large periods of time, and mountains of bureaucracy. Ensuring that your horse’s individual characteristics are safely documented and accounted for is vital, but it’s easy to get tangled up in the paperwork – especially when you need it most.

At Equibuddy we realise that this is a significant issue, and plan on making the suffering of prolonged paperwork as minimal as possible. With technology giving us more ways to manage the folders upon folders of work, accessing a document or aligning a document to a horse that you own has never been easier.

For horse owners, it is likely that you’ll be looking to attend local events, country-wide gatherings or even just a simple journey to a neighbouring farm with your horse. However, such seemingly straightforward activities do require a great deal of attention to ensure that your horse can be properly identified and is properly validated. Fortunately, Equibuddy allows users to easily store and manage their horse’s passports electronically, granting 24 hour access to these necessary documents at the user’s discretion. This therefore means no paperwork, no folders and no risk of loss or damage. It’s simply a matter of opening the app up and drawing the files for the passport when needed. Furthermore, users can store multiple horse passports on their device, meaning that no matter what horses you choose to take with you on the road, they can all be legally accounted for on your phone until the paper passport can be located. The horses may stack up in numbers, but one thing that will not stack with it is extra, fiddly paperwork.

Horse passports are not the only aspect of paperwork that has been saved from the clutches of bureaucracy. As a large amount of information relating to a horse is very specific and unique, it’s important to be able to store it safely, more particularly relating to a horse’s microchip number. Given that these numbers are different between each horse, an owner must be able to show that their horse is theirs, especially if anything happens that puts it in danger. Storing this data is therefore very important, and Equibuddy links all microchip details to your horse’s profile, including photo, life-height certificate and indeed passport. Having all of this information close together bridges the gap between owning large amounts of individual documents relating to a horse and storing it safely together in one place. Keep in mind, users can do this for multiple horses, meaning that pages and pages worth of specific, unique files can be all organised, ready to access. You can now ride your horse without the headache that surrounds managing it!

These are just some of the many ways Equibuddy can help you cut the painful admin and focus on the one thing that really matters – nurturing a strong link between you and your horse. Secure, safe and easy storage of all files on one device – giving you the helping hand.

A helpful site on horse passports and microchips: