Stick Together this Spring

One of the things that horse owners will know is just how many factors there are which influence their well-being.

I’m sure many of you will be rejoicing at the thought of lighter, warmer and more prosperous days. Days without the constant struggle of the bitter winter affecting vital needs of your horses. However, we all know that taking care of a horse is not a seasonal job, and requires a great deal of dedication, effort and more importantly, time.

One of the things that horse owners will know is just how many factors there are which influence their well-being. It’s therefore important to understand what these factors are, and how Equibuddy can help you manage these during the Spring. With the grass growing rapidly and the weather constantly changing it’s patterns, owners will need to be aware that these seemingly normal weather conditions can have a drastic effect on your horse.

Firstly, your horse must be carefully monitored to ensure that it does not eat too much grass. This may seem obvious – but sugar levels can spike in spring grass and lead to laminitis: an extremely painful inflammation in a horse’s hooves that can result in the rotation of the pedal bone, making it very painful for your horse to walk. In some serious instances, euthanasia is required as this can be an irreversible condition. This can arise from simply eating too much sugar, therefore making it paramount to ensure that you keep track of your horse’s eating habits. Furthermore, eating too much grass can also simply make your horse fat; the reparations of this are obvious to understand.

Secondly, the constant changing of weather conditions can wreak hassle with your horse. At 9am your horse may need their rug put on due to cold weather – come lunchtime it needs off. How can horse owners keep up with all of these needs, whilst still going about their daily affairs away from home?

We very rarely always have enough time for everything due to our busy daily schedules, and Equibuddy has the solution to this problem. Think of the peace of mind you will have being able to send a request to an Equibuddy and ask if they can bring your horse in from the field or go and adjust their rugs.

Within the app, users will be able to communicate freely with local buddies thanks to an easy talking platform, so you’ll be able to find out who nearby will be able to help watch your horses when you’re not at home. Furthermore, users will be able to utilise a search function giving them the ability to find nearby buddies fast, and sending out a help request to them. In contrast, other users will be able to contact you to see how you can help with their horses’ needs.

It’s all about spreading the word and offering a helping hand, and Equibuddy makes this easy for users to get the help their horse needs this Spring. Your buddies will also know some of the requirements that your specific horse has on your profile, so when they arrive at the stables they’ll know what to do. Community is important to us, and this increased sense of community can make the difference when your horse needs it.
We wish everyone the best of luck this Spring, and hope that we can help take care of your horse, no matter what the conditions.

Useful link highlighting all you need to know about laminitis: