Building your horses timeline on the go!

What would your horse tell you if he had a voice?

He might tell you what he would like to eat or what tack he likes to wear. He might tell you what he was eating when he went so well at a particular competition or if he started to feel a bit jaded half way round the cross country. There is a whole lot of things that goes on in your horses life that appear to happen for no reason at all, but if you asked him it would become clearer why he behaves the way he does.

Even if he could tell you can you really say you would remember every detail? Most of us would find it difficult to remember which leg was a little hot and if it was hot 4 months ago and lasted for 3 days or was it 6 months ago?

Record small details by taking a quick photograph straight onto the app automatically filed on a time line in a dedicated thread,you can keep track of the little things that may become significant later on. Of course all the big things like vaccinations, fat scoring , foot balance and really anything else you want to record about your horse can have a thread ,that hosts all the information your horse would tell his professional dream team or in fact information you could share if you happened not to be on the spot in case of an emergency. If your horse decides to move to new pastures then his complete of partial equibuddy profile can be transferred to his new keeper, ensuring he gets of to a flying start in his new home with everyone there having a deep understanding of him from day one.

Building content to the social timeline, keep multiple and distant owners informed and involved with minimal effort. Get his whole social team to add and share their photographs and chat about the horse not only creating a scrap book of his achievements but also adding provenance to his behaviour and performance.

Professionals that are worried about getting caught up in the social whirl needn’t fear, once invited you can create your own thread or at the push of a button you can chose which specific threads to follow.

Add text or images with video action storage coming very soon will give you horse a voice and you peace of mind.