Secure ID and Life Documents

I hope she remembered the passport?

We have all had that feeling when we think we have forgotten an important document as we travel abroad or to a competition. The feeling of complete dis-belief and the realisation that we will have to do some fairly swift problem solving to rectify the situation. At best you skip a heartbeat and at worse your entire trip is thwarted with inconvenience, disappointment, along with money and time.

We understand you maybe a super organised horse owner that always has your passport to hand to show to the vet when he has to inject your horse with penicillin, we understand you are probably not one of these people who has to search frantically through the office filing cabinet, your tack room cupboard or the glove compartment of your friends lorry for that passport, but some of us actually do have to do all these things as the poor vet stands waiting for us to find the paperwork, late for their next call and worst still charging you until they can get off your yard. Just think if you had a photo of that passport on your phone to show, and could let everyone get on with their day.

We understand most of you definitely remember to take you passport  and life height certificates to every show with you and if you have multiple horses going in different lorries in different directions you never  pick up the wrong passport and have it in the wrong lorry, but if heaven forbid this should happen, would it not be reassuring to know you had images of all your horses’ documents filed under each horse’s profile, at your finger tips on your phone.

We understand as vets and other professionals you always recognise every horse you have in your care and can distinguish between every bay TB in each of the the of the racing yards you work. However just to make your life easier would it not be nice to have the profile,picture and ID documents all in a file you have access to 24/7 on your phone. Even better if this ID has all been entered by the owner and filed alongside all their contact details and billing information.

An finally we understand that as owners and professionals you always carry a file of the each horses blood results docs, X ray and scan reports, worm counts and tooth records, for each horse, and can put your hand on them at the drop of a hat.But wouldn’t it be nice if you could also access the documents raised by other professionals and specialists who are also involved in the holistic care of that horse.

For years we at equibuddy have kept, travelled and competed horses all over the world and so have developed a part of the app where details and pictures of all your horses details can be stored in one convenient place on your phone, the images are taken directly onto the app by using you phones camera and takes seconds, leaving you to store the original paperwork in a safe place.

All you have to do now is take the phone and you will have access to your horses essential documents 24/7 where ever you or your horse may be. Phew!