Share with professionals and Buddies

Building your horse’s dream team is not always easy.

What do you want this team to do? What are their specific skills? How can you enable each person to communicate and ensure you and your horse can get best value from the team you pay? 

There are many questions to answer before you can come to a solution.

It is difficult to leave your best Buddie out of the dream team especially if they make the best gin and tonic you have ever tasted and tell the best jokes, but on the other hand you may not ask them to perform your hip replacement!

So lets have our cake and eat it, use the equibuddy community to build two teams around your horse.

First build a management dream team of trusted professionals to help you look after your horse, in the best way possible. You can add your vet,farrier, physio, instructor, groom or as many as you choose,all people you carefully select and invite to ensure you have the team to help you with day to day or crisis management . You can invite as many people you need but it is up to you if you want to keep your team small and beautiful or large as life, the main thing is you chose who you want. It is easy to allow temporary access  if for instance the horse is in transit or going to stud and easy to revoke access when the horse returns to their home team but still capture the information from the temp team. Building your dream team will give you that peace of mind no matter what might happen in your horses life you are set up to look after him the way you want as you team will have access to his essential details 24/7 on your phone.

Now let’s build the party team! Select the group of Buddies that want to speak about your horse, to share the highlights and silly moments that truly unite you to share your joy and passion. The equibuddy social channel is safe for young and old Buddies to chat, as you, the owner specifically invite your Buddies and monitor the chat around each horse. No adverts, no unwanted emails, no football ,no cooking just you and your Buddies building memories that are all about the horse.