Let us show you a couple of ways equibuddy app can help you make the best of your horse.

Giving your horse an identity

What your horse can achieve with an identity

No matter what level you and your horse work to, a profile creates an identity for your horse – letting the world understand him/her better.

Professional Equine Horse Care

How to ensure your horse gets the best professional care

When professionals add their knowledge and it’s reviewed within the multi-disciplinary team, you know your horse is getting the best care.

Digitising Horse Care

Digital Horse Management

Let us explain how equibuddy takes care of all the admin involved in horse management and keeps it all in one place, on your phone.

Tracking Progress

Tracking Progress

It’s hard to remember what happened yesterday, never mind last month or even last year! Having a record of each event in your horse’s life as it happens gives you reference points to review as he or she develops.