The next step in our story on horse posture is to investigate Zone 2, behind the seat and how it can affect your horse’s movement.  An Introduction to Posture and Swayback Zone 1 videos are here.

Swayback Posture Zone 2B – Behind

Swayback Posture Zone 2 Behind

Find out more about zone 2, the area of the body that allows movement of the pelvis on the trunk.

Swayback Posture Zone 2B – Test for Help

Swayback Posture Zone 2 – Test for Help

If you feel your horse is healthy and you just want to try some exercises at home do this simple test.

Swayback Zone 2B – Relaxation Technique

Swayback Zone 2B

This simple technique can help relax the tension in the hip flexors can contribute hugely to the adapted posture causing swayback posture.

Swayback Zone 2B – Boxrest Exercise

Swayback Zone 2b Box rest Exercise

Make sure the horse is standing in balance, lift one front foot with one hand and place the other hand on his shoulder.

Swayback Zone 2B – Pole Exercise

Swayback Zone 2b Pole Exercise

This exercise is named the Hoggs back pole exercise and has uses for all zones but for zone 2b it encourages the flexion of the lumbo sacral joint allowing the hind leg to swing underneath the horse muscles to activate and lift the rib cage.